Steps to Learn Graphics Design

Steps to Learn Graphics Design

If you had ever stared at the clouds for long and discovered interesting images barely a minute into gaze, or you had sighted a pattern from a décor or fabric print and all of a sudden you started unravelling multiple ideas, maybe even images from just a glance, then this article is definitely for you.

While we can sit and learn graphics design once shown the right software tools and one or two tricks to be exceptional, the real fuel to graphics design asides from willpower is creativity. 

The analogies centred above clearly show how the mind wanders and how capable we are of birthing exceptional ideas with a cutting-edge tool: the mind. Since I have been able to spot out the Superhero in you, how about I further guide you on how to utilize these Superpowers.

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Graphics are careful considerations formed from a more appealing way of drawing lines and colours such that its final product conveys a message to its interactor; safe to say, Graphics design is a graphical illustration of communicating specific message symbol as intended by the designer and is carefully understood by the interactor. This is the clear difference between Graphics Design and Art.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some visible baby steps to learn Graphics design. if you follow through thoroughly, you would make me a Clairvoyant. 


The dream is free, but the passion varies.

Having a background education from a brick-and-mortar school would be a good foundation and perhaps a selling point, since corporations see a degree in graphics design as an edge aside from the skills or portfolio. There is a special need to be motivated; keep the dream alive. Focus on this like your entirety depends on it. Remember what we see differs and only you can truly tell why you chose this path; so, having made a choice, are you going to be mediocre in the field or exceptional? Get Psyched!


There is an absolute need to understand designs and principles. This requires you to pay keen attention to objects. It is the creative angle of superimposing colours, shapes, lines, and texts in many paths and picking the one which appeals more to you.

6 focal points play in this area:

1.      SPACE


3.      UNITY

4.      TOTALITY

5.      BALANCE



Get yourself acquainted with some graphic software. There are many of them out there. As time goes by, you would understand and identify Vector and Pixel editing, but for now, I will recommend Adobe. Adobe with Illustrator for vector graphics and Photoshop for pixel (or raster) graphics would go well in making the journey easy. You could also consider GIMP or INKSCAPE while considering as this would go a long way.


As kids, most of the things we learned or did were birth from what we did see and imitated. This is a subtle way of practice. To become an exceptional Graphics designer, there is a need to practice people’s works. Follow notable platforms or designers; sight their works and imitate them always. This would spur your creativity and afford you more skills and exposure.


If you have to be true to yourself, you have to set major tasks beyond your scope to surmount. Once executed thoroughly, you can proceed to try yet another and then repeat the cycle. It is commonly stated that if you want to become a self-taught graphic designer, you should focus your learning on a specific task regularly. In the process of this, you encounter challenges, have questions, grey areas and then you seek knowledge on how it can be resolved. This train keeps leading you on to proficiency.


It’s the digital age, therefore you have no excuse for not getting updated on your skill. Get eBooks, join online classes, update your skillset and see you doing better than before.


Although you don’t have to sleep on this, be patient with yourself to learn and grow your skill. You will get better with time, that’s for certain.

So, while you let your creativity bloom when you stare at the clouds, stir up your skills by being diligent to the place of practice.

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