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Summary of Web Design Process in 2021

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As technology advances, we can do more and more things without ever understanding how difficult they are. One of them is figuring out how to build a website on your own. You can now design a website and create an amazing online identity for yourself, thanks to the evolution of website builders. You can earn sales, cultivate a following, and market your brand online by using competent web design features.

So, what exactly is web design, and how does one begin? We will help you get in the right direction.

STEP 1: Goal-setting

If you don't know what the main objective of the platform is, you won't be able to make an informed decision on whether or not to put anything on the site. A target assists you in determining whether or not the design is effective. When you don't know what you intend to do, how can you know when and how you've accomplished it?

You would be able to say how the final site gets you closer to your target after you have defined a real, clear goal. You would be able to say how the final site gets you closer to your target after you have defined a real, clear goal.

STEP 2: Branding

Working on the branding elements is most likely the most enjoyable aspect of the website design process! Start with the name and domain. You don't want to end up with a domain name that isn't related to your product or company name. You don't also want a domain name that is easily mistyped. Start by making a list of all the names that come to mind and use that as the seed for your domain search. Another part of branding is defining a brand name. This is for the brand's shades, fonts, and everything else. finally, create a logo.

STEP 3: Website Copy

The majority of users save their website copy for last. This isn't a good strategy. If you do not build the written material for your pages early on, you can make the subsequent web design phase more challenging. It would be much more difficult to organize the design to ensure that everything fits if the material is not well specified.

The following steps can be taken to build website copy:

  • Build content for your important pages.
  • Consider your website's homepage.
  • Make use of placeholder material.

STEP 4: Website Structure

Your website layout is more than just what is on a single web page. This is about how all of those pages interact with one another and how they guide the user from one location to the next, assisting them in accomplishing their goals. Consider UX (user experience). More precisely, what do you expect your site's users to be able to do? What kind of insight do you want to give them?

The UX discussion comes down to your expectations and the goals of your visitors, which may or may not be the same thing.

STEP 5: Mock-up

A mock-up is a reflection of the concept. It's essentially a step between a blank screen and the final design in all its glory. The advantage of using a mock-up over missing the mock-up process and building in your preferred page builder from the start is that you can spend more time working on the big picture. This helps you to guarantee that your page structures stick to the proper standards and that your priorities receive enough consideration. You're constructing the scaffolding on which the concept will be built later in the project for the mock-up.

STEP 6: Design & Develop

At this stage, the direction has been largely established by the preceding steps. You have goals, You are aware of who the target audience is, You are aware of who the opponents are, You've completed your mock-ups as well as your navigation structure, You've developed your brand name, colour scheme, and logo. It's time to put all of this to use!

There are two approaches you can take for this task:

(a) code things by hand, from the ground up

(b) use WordPress page builders and a framework theme

STEP 7: Go Live

It's time to make your website available to the public! First, and most importantly, install your site on your final development server. If you haven't already, add the domain name. After that, it's time to do a sequence of final checks to ensure that you're setting the platform up for success and not overlooking any critical issues.

That takes us to:

  • Checklist for launching the website
  • Adjust and improve

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