Which Middle East country has the fastest internet?

Which Middle East country has the fastest internet?
Whenever we choose to celebrate globalization and the widespread of information, it would only be fair to give credit to the advent of the Internet. 

The Internet is a viable tool for the dissemination of information with ease. Easy to say, wherever you can find the Internet, you are certain to find information. 

The Middle East, comprised of 17 nations, extends from Europe's easternmost point to Asia's westernmost tip. Since the countries are spread over two continents, the Middle East is sometimes referred to as a transcontinental region rather than a continent or country.

Middle East countries differ in size, culture, language, climate, and preference for Internet access.
In today’s article, I will center on the choice of the internet that finds use in the Middle East, in the UAE, and Dubai. I believe, by the end of this read, you will be better equipped when the Internet is considered in these terrains.  

What is Internet? 
The Internet, according to Wikipedia, is a global system of interconnected computer networks that communicates between networks and devices using the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP).

It is a network system that links local to the global commercial, public, academic, business, and government networks through the use of a variety of electrical, wireless, and optical networking technologies.

The World Wide Web's (WWW) interconnected hypertext documents and applications, electronic mail, telephony, and file sharing are all accessible via the Internet.

What do we consider as fast internet? 
Simply described, the internet is considered fast when every action made on a computer device receives the associated trigger as intended, resulting in a smooth path to the desired information. 

How fast or slow an internet facility is is usually dependent on the type of medium the transmission of the data packet is routed, this could range from DSL, Cable, and Fibre optics. Also, a worthy consideration on the speed would be the broadband, the speed transmitted per second, and the number of connections/devices on the hub. 

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Which Middle East country has the fastest Internet? 
According to a study, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) enjoys being the world's fastest average mobile internet connection, with each of these nations recording average speeds of more than 190 Mbps in May 2021.  

If we are to crown a King by an average connection speed of 194.04 Mbps, the UAE was the quickest. 

What is the best internet in UAE? 
Etisalat, which was earlier ranked as the world's fastest mobile network operator in Q2-Q3 of 2020 in a new rating from Speedtest by Ookla, is the UAE's largest and fastest telecom. 

According to News Agency WAM, Etisalat was recorded as the only operator in the world to rate greater than 90 in the OoklaSpeedtest data, with a download speed of 115.89 Mbps and an overall rating in the ‘Speed Score' of 98.78 Mbps. 
How fast is the internet in Dubai? 
Dubai, which is part of the UAE, just earned the distinction of providing the fastest mobile network speed in the first quarter of 2021, according to the most current statistics from global Internet analytics firm Ookla. 

With a download speed of 178.52 Mbps in March, the UAE beat South Korea and Qatar in the mobile-wide speed test ptcl.

In January and February, the UAE as a whole surpassed both countries, with download speeds of 183.03 Mbps and 177.10 Mbps, respectively. 

What is the fastest internet speed in Dubai? 
Dubai has enjoyed the rub off of the UAE’s glory, enjoying fast internet with no iota of hassle. 

In March, Dubai has recorded its fastest download speed as 178.52 Mbps according to the mobile wide speed test. 

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