Why Are People Still Buying the Apple Tv in 2022?

Why Are People Still Buying the Apple Tv in 2022?
I might just be clearing more people’s doubts like how mine was recently cleared. Oh! Well, information is power, after all, albeit, access to information is much more golden than the best of thoughts or assumptions. This goes without me finding the need to remind you that there is no apple in pineapples. You may need to read that line again. 

Since we are not talking about apples today, well, apples on the contrary, deep thinkers would have understood the direction of the first paragraph by now, while some may need to read through to the third paragraph before they have a clear direction to this article, which has been provided by The Watchtower

Well, in this post, I will be sharing with you exciting information on why there is so much buzz about the 2022 Apple TV and why getting one as well won't be a bad idea. 

Is Apple TV a physical branded television? 

The first thing I owe you to understand this post well would be to clear your doubt that there is no physically carved-out television assumed as an Apple TV. In other words, Apple TV is not a physically branded television as most people imagine. 

What is Apple TV? 

An Apple TV is similar to a dongle or peripheral that allows you to stream popular media apps like Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, and Netflix to your TV for your favorite TV shows and movies. The way Apple TV works is such that any non-smart TV can be effectively transformed into one.  

If the user also has a smart TV, one can use that instead of the smart interface on the TV by simply running Apple TV’s OS. 

The best features of the Apple TV, including HomeKit, AirPlay 2, and even iTunes, have been included in several of the largest TV makers, including LG, Sony, Vizio, and Samsung, all to make every user subscribe to and enjoy the Apple TV+ streaming service. This service was launched in 2019, and it has enjoyed a warm reception so far. 

Why are people still buying the Apple TV in 2022? 

There have been some significantly amazing reasons why people have considered the Apple TV, and I will point out some. Hopefully, they will mean something to you. 

1. You can enjoy it with your AirPods. 
One of the perks attached to using the Apple TV is that you can use your AirPods to enjoy some private moments which is supported by spatial audio for tvOS 15. By pressing and holding the Play button on your Apple TV remote, you should be able to connect your AirPods.  

To enjoy this surround sound, open the Control Center on your Apple TV, select Spatial Audio, and then touch and hold the volume button on your Siri Remote. There are currently just two wireless headphones that offer spatial audio: the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. 

2. Multiple user access. 
Just as with Netflix, Apple TV offers personalized experiences split between several household members, letting you choose between different profiles. Apple TV apps provide multi-user functionality, such that everyone can watch what they want. 

3. Gamers are promised a wonderful time. 
The new Apple Arcade subscription gaming service allows users to play exclusive games on their Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices. However, Apple Arcade is only available for use on the Apple TV streaming box, and you are set to enjoy the new gaming service by playing games on your large-screen TV. 

4. Use the voice sensor on the Siri Remote. 
With the Siri Remote as an extremely capable navigational tool, you don’t just use the remote available and compatible with Apple TV streaming boxes alone, but it also works with Siri, so you can rapidly search for the content using your voice.  

This feature is limited to the Apple TV streaming device. 

5. Privacy. 
One of the things people look out for when purchasing an online service is privacy. Purchasing Apple TV hardware gives you the extra assurance that your data is completely safeguarded, compared to the options that the hardware firms that run Apple's software on other Smart TVs will monitor your streaming activities instead, and they probably won't have the same strict standards for securing your information as Apple. 

While the privileges Apple provides are quite a handful, these are some of the reasons why Apple TV has been a considerable choice for many people. You can conduct your research on their services and then make up your mind about which of them will be your choice. 

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