5 Exciting Reasons to Use Basecamp

5 Exciting Reasons to Use Basecamp
Project management is a broad branch of management that requires a good dose of understanding and commitment to see the process through from the conceptualization phase to the maintenance phase after completion. The interesting path of project management is how it requires multiple and varying fields to achieve its ultimate goal. 

Just like all that most people could consider doing manually can be eased through seamless software applications, project management as a branch is not left out in the use of digital and remote applications that not only ease workflow but also find use in bringing coordination and cost efficiency to all that centers around tasks. 

In this post, you will be guided through the exciting reasons why Basecamp has stood out exceptionally as a project management tool. You will also note the advantages and drawbacks of using the software application. By the way, we just want to make sure you know that The Watchtower, a reputable Web design company in Dubai, is the engine behind this fascinating post. 

What is Basecamp? 

Basecamp is an American online software firm established in Chicago, Illinois, according to Wikipedia. Basecamp was previously known as 37 Signals before being renamed Basecamp. Jason Fried, Carlos Segura, and Ernest Kim cofounded the company in 1999 as a web design firm. 

Since mid-2004, the company's focus has switched from web design to web application development. Basecamp was the first commercial program, followed by Backpack, Campfire, and Highrise. Part of the creative design was Ruby on Rails, an open-source web application framework. Ruby on Rails was designed for internal use at 37 Signals before being released publicly in 2004. 

Basecamp has been able to garner over 3 million active users since its inception. 

What is Basecamp used for? 

Basecamp is a project management solution and team collaboration tool, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company, which rebranded in 2014, has provided this unique product to enable collaboration throughout the user's business. 

Some of the exciting features that stood out for Basecamp are seen below. 
1. One can enjoy automatic check-ins with Basecamp. 
2. Creating a schedule to manage one's projects and viewing overdue to-do tasks is one of the amazing features that the app provides. 
3. With Basecamp, you can jump to teams and projects using the search bar feature. 
4. You can initiate private chats where necessary. 
5. The software enables collaboration, such that it is compatible with other related applications.

What are the advantages of Basecamp? 

1. Basecamp provides a clear pricing bouquet as opposed to funny plans that have hidden charges or terms and conditions that edge the brand over the customer. 
They ensure that their monthly plan of USD 99 is all one must pay, while the customer enjoys a slight discount if an annual payment is made. 
2. Basecamp supports app integration with other applications or tools to make the user’s work less stringent. 
Applications like Slack can enjoy easy import or export where necessary, just like some other applications out there. 
3. Basecamp's popularity stems primarily from its ease of use for teams. The program provides a comprehensive overview of the company's ongoing activities and makes it easier for each team to handle their projects through a single interface. 

When you use Basecamp, you can also ensure that you are kept up-to-date. 

What are the disadvantages of Basecamp? 

1. Basecamp works for smaller businesses without problems; however, bigger enterprises may lose track of everything. 
When using Basecamp, you’ll find that you’ll see all the latest activity going on in the app. While this is often great, it could be frustrating and overwhelming. However, with emailing daily summary icon, one can fix and turn off this feature. 
2. Despite the fact that the application provides a warm reception to app integration, like the use of Gantt charts to get an overview of projects, this isn’t possible with the Basecamp software. 


Basecamp is an outstanding project management solution for enterprises of all sizes, from small teams to giant corporations. Users considering subscribing to the service should be seeking a solution that would provide an overview of projects, lay them out neatly, and build simple to-do lists. 

Aside from all these exciting features, in terms of location, Basecamp is useful for both remote teams and those working in the office. 
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