Are Flutter developers in demand?

Are Flutter developers in demand?
Dubai, the heartbeat of the United Arab Emirates [UAE] has enjoyed growth in innovation and technology, little wonder the continuous sprout of creatives in Mobile and web-based app development in its environment.

While app developers had before now buried themselves into coding and programming languages to perform special functions as obligated by their purpose, the choice of ensuring the application runs on different Operating systems [OS] has also extended delivery time until the emergence of cross-platform app development which took over the Native apps, making developers seek proficiency a Flutter app. 

Flutter, a hybrid app, emerged out of nowhere in 2015, at a time when the industry was divided between hybrid and native apps for mobile app development. Like the invention of a new service/solution, the hybrid app creation process was quick, but it had drawbacks compared to native app development. Flutter app was the solution to all of these questions.

The dart-based platform with access to platform-specific SDKs for both Android and iOS suddenly became developers' choice, making mobile app development processes simplified. 

One of the questions on every tech-savvy company or individual is if Flutter developers are in demand, well, in this article, I would be answering not just that but also adding why they are in demand. 

Are Flutter developers in demand? 
Yes, Flutter developers are a hot cake in the app development world. Here is why, imagine having some type of automobile that has been designed to make life comfortable for the user such that it can ply on road, sail on water, fly on air and also take a stroll through those paths only our tender feet could carry us through and still perform optimally, in-app development, a good name that does this is Flutter. 

Flutter app was designed to allow the creation of captivating, natively built apps for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. What this simply means is that it can be used in mobile development to create applications that run on both Android and iOS platforms.  

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Why Flutter developers are in demand. 
Flutter has gained more acceptance because of its native nature and cross-platform app development. It has proven to be more reliable and efficient than other technologies currently on the market. Flutter has some cutting-edge like the fact that its support and community are growing by the day, and it has a lot of ready-to-use solutions that save developers' coding time while they focus on creatives instead, since it has a blend of native and cross-platform programs. 

According to the Statista survey report, there has been a sharp growth in the percentage of Flutter developers from 30% in 2019 to 39% in 2020.  
Here are 5 reasons why Flutter developers are the new sensation. 

1. Flutter app offers flexibility. 
Flutter has a long list of widgets that can be customized easily regardless of how complex they are. This saves time for developers to utilize time for other creatives than coding. 

2. Customizable User Interface [UI]
Flutter, with its extra benefit of cross-platform development, also enables the customization of any type of animated UI without compromising its complexity or quality. This minimizes the developer burden and makes the process more flexible. 
3. Maintains UI Logic across platforms
The use of the same user interface and business logic across all platforms has made cross-platform mobile app development easier and more efficient. Flutter, unlike any other platform, enables the exchange of both the UI code and the UI itself without requiring any platform-specific UI components. 

4. Support
It is only understandable that people would always run to a more seamless application that beats processes and has the best of convenience. Flutter's popularity has skyrocketed since its inception, likewise has its market demand risen at an exponential rate, and all organizations want to engage Flutter app developers for app creation and maintenance. It is no longer news that the partnership with Nevercode on the Flutter 1.17 has resolved over 6348 problems and currently has over 231 contributors who are working together to fix all concerns.  

5. Reduction in coding time
With Flutter, going to the Android studio to evaluate the layout to modify minor aesthetic characteristics would not be necessary. The advent of the ‘hot reload,' makes viewing all of the made changes easier, making the development and maintenance process faster and cost-effective. This implies there is no need to hire app developers for updates and maintenance, saving you time and work since Flutter comes with several ready-to-use widgets that can be easily tweaked where necessary. 

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