The best web design software in 2021

The best web design software in 2021
As the year slowly reaches its vanish point, a few people must have reflected on their high and low moments. Truth is, you would probably review and consider if your goals earlier marked for the year were attained or if you have to roll over to the coming year. 

Either way, people are quicker to identify with best moments of both tangible and intangible quantities than their least moments, which tells a lot about how the camp of the winner is always with laurels and merry. 

Although there is currently no live band and some meals to help us merry, we can't help but identify the best web design software in the concluding year of 2021. 

Today’s topic will have a dip into the range of web design software out there, and our self-crowned best, while giving the reasons for our choice. 

What is web design software? 
Web design software is an application that may use web design software to develop, edit, and update web layouts and pages. Web designers are highly competent individuals who utilize web design tools and other software to develop the layout and content of a web page by modifying HTML or using a WYSIWYG editor. 

What is the best web design software in 2021? 
While there is a good range of web design software out there, a careful review from the pool made us settle for Wix as the best web design software in 2021. 

Wix is one of the most popular website builders selected for 2021, with a variety of price options and incredible features that accommodates everyone, depending on the services you require. 

Wix provides a free bouquet for some features of its web design and building services, only that user may have to deal with the Wix advertisements, however, for as low as $6, you can sell your services or products without the ads, you will also get a free domain for a year, 2GB bandwidth, and 3GB storage space. 

What are the benefits of using Wix? 
If you are still in doubt wondering why so much buzz around Wix, here are some unique features that got me excited. 

1. Site speed is excellent. 
2. Massive template library 
3. Drag and drop interface that is simple to use 
4. Wix App Market allows you to effortlessly expand the functionalities of your website. 
5. There are several other features available. 
6. Lots of assistance and support. 

Just like every good story has some shortcomings, Wix is no exception and therefore has some cons in its pros.  

Below are some cons we observed with Wix software. 
1. A subscription package is required for tracking and analytics.  
2. Users will not be able to migrate your website if need be. 
3. Interchangeable templates are not available. 
4. Wix's free plan suffocates consumers with advertisements. 
5. Is Wix good for small businesses? 

Amidst the chants of how well Wix application is user friendly and all that magic, one of the questions on SMEs [Small and Medium-sized Enterprises] and other business owners is if Wix is good for small businesses? 

Well, Wix is ideal for small businesses and creatives. Wix has hundreds of applications and excellent SEO capabilities to blow anyone’s mind. 
With over 800 professionally designed and fully customizable templates available to use, any rookie could navigate to design something beautiful. One of the beautiful reasons why Wix stands out actually. 

What other software tools do web designers use? 
Remember those questions you were asked at random quiz as a kid, like if you were in the desert and had to choose between Bla bla bla... So, if you're in the desert [and have access to a power source for whatever innovation life has provided], what web design tools would you choose?  

So, here's my possible software tools list at the moment.  

1. Photoshop. 
2. Adobe Dreamweaver. 
3. WordPress. 
4. Google Web Designer. 
5. Adobe illustrator. 
6. InVision Studio. 
7. Bootstrap. 
8. Sketch. 
9. Bluefish. 
10. Canva. 

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