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What Is Internet Design | Is it the same as Web Design?

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What is the distinction between the Internet and the World Wide Web?

Many people believe they are the same, but are they really? The Internet is a global network of networks, whereas the Web, formally known as the World Wide Web (www), is a collection of information accessible via the Internet. Another way to think about it is that the Internet is an infrastructure, and the Web is a service built on top of that infrastructure. Alternatively, the Internet can be viewed as a large bookstore with a collection of books within that store. We can even think of the Internet as hardware and the Web as software at a high level! As a result, there is a tangle of cables, computers, data centres, routers, servers, repeaters, satellites, and Wi-Fi towers that allow digital information to travel around the world.

The process of creating websites is known as web design. It includes a variety of elements such as webpage layout, content creation, and graphic design. Despite the fact that the terms web design and web development are frequently used interchangeably, web design is a subset of web development.

HTML is a mark-up language that is used to create websites. HTML tags are used by web designers to define the content and metadata of each page. CSS, or cascading style sheets, is used to define the layout and appearance of elements on a webpage. As a result, most websites use a mix of HTML and CSS to define how each page will look on a browser.

Some web designers prefer to hand code pages (from scratch typing HTML and CSS), while others prefer to use a "WYSIWYG" editor like Adobe Dreamweaver. This type of editor has a visual interface for designing the layout of a webpage, and the software generates the HTML and CSS code for you. A content management system, such as WordPress or Joomla, is another popular way to design websites. These services offer a variety of website templates that can be used to start a new website. Webmasters can then use a web-based interface to add content and customize the layout.

What does the term "WYSIWYG" mean?

WYSIWYG stands for "what you see is what you get." The edited content, whether text or graphics, appears in a form that is close to the final product in WYSIWYG editors. Instead of writing source code by hand, you work with a simple rich text editor to manipulate design elements. You can see exactly how it will look using a WYSIWYG editor. WYSIWYG HTML editor is a fantastic tool for allowing your clients to edit and update their websites without having to deal with coders.

WYSIWYG refers to the fact that you can see the exact appearance of your web page with the changes you've made on the screen.

WYSIWYG represents the final pagination with the fonts' appearance and line breaks for word processing editors.

In computer graphics and design, WYSIWYG also refers to the manipulation of models.

The following are some of the most well-known WYSIWYG editors:

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Contribute
  • Microsoft Expression Web

At first glance, the terms "internet" and "World Wide Web" may appear interchangeable. They serve the same purpose in everyday conversation, though the latter hasn't been used as much in recent years. The two terms refer to different concepts, and gaining a better understanding of these concepts, their nuances, and the history behind them can lead to new insights into how online resources work. The web and the internet are distinct concepts, but the web's accessibility transformed the world's population into internet users.

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