What is the 4th Industrial Revolution in UAE?

What is the 4th Industrial Revolution in UAE?
If history was told right, the word revolution would be perceived in the light of the controversy, and perhaps some uproar that leads to bloodshed. Oh well, thank God for the fusion of words that makes sentences have a full taste of meaning.  

The UAE [United Arab Emirates] just like most countries out there before they had independence had been used to a culture, and a procedure for the profession. It would be out of place if you have people in a demographic practising different types of the profession as a livelihood in the time of orient. 

It's funny how liberation came, and the supposed dark ages suddenly had a light bulb, perhaps some light bulbs to go around with the paradigm shift from an agrarian economy to that of industry and machine. This ideation phase was tagged the 1st Industrial revolution and was also called the steam engine age. This illumination brought light to several events it did to all phases of innovation, as people suddenly migrated from the conventional agrarian means of livelihood to the choice of industry and machines. 

Oh well, that should have you get a better picture of this topic since we would be considering the 4th Industrial revolution globally, likewise that of the UAE. 

How many industrial revolutions do we have? 
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History has served us well with 3 industrial revolutions so far, and another one just brewing, making it the 4th industrial revolution on the global scale 

This is the list of industrial revolutions we have. 
1. The 1st industrial revolution: Age of mechanical production. 
2. The 2nd Industrial revolution: The age of science/mass production. 
3. The 3rd industrial revolution: The digital age. 
4. The 4th industrial revolution: This present age of big data. 

What are the industrial revolutions we have?
Time sure did us good by counting our privilege to see 4 industrial revolutions already. Just so we can have a good swing on the 4th revolution, I will briefly list and explain. 

The 4 industrial revolutions are: 
1. 1st Industrial revolution:
This was called the steam engine age or mechanical production age in some reviews. This phase had the main shift from the agrarian way of life to the leverage on the steam engine for almost everything. All factors of production had a tilt into urbanization. 

2. 2nd Industrial revolution:
This era was called the age of science and mass production. With the advent of science and an early dose of urbanization, the spread of technology was seen in every sector, which sped up production. With production lines re-designed, production enjoyed increased pace which increased turnaround time, and of cause money. 

3. 3rd Industrial revolution:
This age was called the digital era where analogue was converted to digital. These came in devices, technologies, and communication channels being simplified, as against analogous and cumbersome processes. 

4. 4th Industrial revolution:
This is the age of big data, our present age. The age of cloud-based computing, blockchain, NFT [Non-Fungible Token], metaverse, and more of AI [Artificial Intelligence] 

What are the 4th Industrial Revolution examples? 
The 4th industrial revolution on the global scale is obtainable in the last subtopic seen above, however, just like a country always willing to do more, the UAE had earlier set up their 4th Industrial revolution strategy. 

Examples of the 4th industrial revolution in the UAE are: 
1. Augmented learning. 
2. Space data. 
3. 3D Printing. 
4. Cognitive human enhancement. 
5. Intelligent supply chain network. 

What are the four main impacts of the fourth industrial revolution? 
Four impacts drive the 4th Industrial revolution, they are: 
1. Artificial Intelligence. 
2. High-speed Internet. 
3. Cloud base technology. 
4. Big data.  

What are the main objects of the 4th industrial revolution? 
The main purpose of bringing about the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the UAE is to boost revenues and thereby raise the standard of life for UAE citizens.  

Modernized categories of products and services will be born as a result of these technologies, catering to every UAE inhabitant. 
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