SEO going crazy in 2022

SEO going crazy in 2022
Surviving in the new business order goes beyond a fancy brick and mortar store, or some executive customer-centric platter served service or some exquisite packaging that keeps one agog for the rest of the week; I mean, the latter could still catch a few breaths in the new order, but all these have changed significantly after the effect of COVID-19 outbreak.  

Here is what I'm saying: Businesses can still own a title as one, and not necessarily have a company address to its credit, perhaps the residence of the individual. Who cares? Just deliver, and don’t go cunny on me. 

What then could be the unique selling strategy for these businesses that require less worrying on the choicest ambience to their business entity, the answer lies in Digital exploration, this time in a tool called SEO. This among other things will be discussed in this article. 

What is SEO? 
Search Engine Optimization is a process that helps optimize your online presence as an entity when placed on search engine platforms. A good example of a search engine is Google. Google is one of the widely used search engines considered by users in their quest for knowledge. 

While a business may have a service it renders, what SEO does is to increase your chance of your business name appearing upon related searches using different modes, but overall increasing your ranking compared to other similar service providers in your field of business. 

Need I stress that the SEO requires organic schemes to ensure that it enjoys a great splash of visibility in the digital space. This could come with the use of keywords intrusion, content creation, and the likes, compared to the SEM. 

What is the SEM? 
Search Engine Management is the process of optimizing your online presence as an entity when placed on search engine platforms, but this time through the aid of paid advertisement. 

You must have observed upon the use of Google search engine, that when you enter your search, some of the first options displayed in the first page of SERP [Search Engine Related Pages] comes with “Ad” in front of it which signifies Adverts. While these are helpful, they usually come at a fee, compared to SEO. 

How SEO will be going crazy in 2022
As the world has accepted their new reality and slowly gravitate to a virtual way of solving their business riddles, the marketplace is crowded with equally skilled individuals and business brands like yours, perhaps they render even better services than you ever imagined. What edges you in the digital space is SEO, and there are some new measures to capitalize on in the year 2022. 

1. Voice search optimization
The place of smart devices and AI [Artificial Intelligence] have had technologies like Siri for Apple devices, and Alexa for android respectively, through which the specially designed voice recognition tool, a fetch and execute procedure occurs. In the year 2022, because of the simplicity in voice search using keywords, the world will have web platforms that incorporate voice search optimization as against the textual feel before now. 

2. Accessibility
We must realize that several online decisions like search, research, e-mail checks, form filling, and the many likes are usually completed from the mobile devices as against the conventional get a PC [Personal Computer] case. Statistics have shown that come the year 2025, the world would have 73% of Internet users who complete all online actions through the aid of mobile devices, as against the conventional PC. 

3. Creative Content writing
One of the never-failing sought-after modes of being at the apex of SEO is the content provided in the use of words. While some may be content writing or copywriting as the case may be, it has been agreed that creatively delivered textual content with the infusion of keywords, long-tail phrases, meta tags, backlinks, etc. would increase your ranking on search engines.  

Still, part of this, videos, infographics, images, are also part of the arm of creative content writing that could help your SEO ranking in 2022. Ensure your colours are perfect, the colour blend, the file size is not ambiguous, the texts are not that lengthy as t loses the concentration span of your audience. 

To close this up, it is glaring that the market is saturated, and unique selling points may not so count to get your business noticed to start with, let alone for customers considering you for referrals that you’re eased up. Therefore, the need to get your brand visibility lies in the digital space, and what will scale you up is SEO. 

If you don’t intend to pay for adverts to get your rankings up, then there is a need to get your SEO game on. Don’t sleep on it! 
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